“I was bored of the same routine and same semi satisfying results. Gym had become a necessary chore as opposed to a exciting highlight. After going D6 I started looking forward to working out. Looking forward to being part of an environment that emphasises performance and technique as opposed to aesthetic. And soon realised the aesthetic came as a result of higher performance. “ Jason| 25

Security Software Developer

“My explosiveness in the sand has improved considerably, and the mobility in my shoulders has improved my game dramatically. At D6 so much emphasis is placed on mobility which is amazing. It also helps to have a warm, welcoming and fun community at the Box, I have made so many great friends who have become like family” Sheana | 31

Biokineticist and SA Beach Volleyball Player

“I tried two personal trainers as I thought this would keep me motivated, however it always ended with me being bored and I soon got bored. Since joining D6, my general fitness level has improved in leaps and bounds. The varying workouts challenge your mental and physical limits everyday. I am constantly motivated and pushed by the coaches to improve. The individual care and advice given during and out of class is great and keeps me wanting to come back for more.” Irwin | 37

Learning and Development Manager

“The biggest goal at D6 is wellbeing, and that leads to good performance. The coaches care more about how you move and that you smile at the end of your session, than your score or the weight on your bar. The members care more about supporting each other, than competing against each other, and they provide an environment that is adaptable to everyone. This means regardless of your current fitness level, current myriad of injuries or current body image vulnerabilities, you will be welcomed, supported, included and celebrated. It is so awesome to be part of a facility that has so much space. There are plenty platforms, running space and general floor space. I never feel like I can’t workout, and they have ALL possible necessary equipment ” Lara | 28

Postgraduate student and data analyst, former personal trainer and specialized CrossFit coach

“I had a bum knee, shoulder and back! There were so many reasons not to exercise at all. I could barely make it through a day of work, let alone a workout. I had lost strength and fitness. I did not know how I could carry on and be healthy. I had tried many different remedies. From massage and acupuncture, to full rest. At D6 I learnt that moving properly would help fix all my aches and pains. I have never looked back since. It truly is my happy place!” Dale | 33

Make up artist and life coach

“The best part of D6 is the coaching and the great people. The facilities are awesome, no issues with parking and it is a very relaxed environment. Just join, you won’t regret it!” Gary | 45

Owner of a crew agency in the Film Industry

“There was an immediate feeling of fitting in, as well as a sense of understanding by the coaches as to what I wanted to achieve. The results have been evident from the outset. I’ve become a much better Olympic lifter in the space of a few short months. I have made good friends, class training is fun, and I am a healthier individual.” Anthony | 46